Comedy bloke loves Marmite

Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy and his discerning tastes


FHM, April 1997



Waking up to…


REM – Get Up

"I’d put this very apt rock ‘n’ roll on while I collected myself, and prepared for my boiled egg and Marmite soldiers."



Having Breakfast…


The Cardigans – Beautiful One

"I love the Cardies despite myself. They’re somewhat superficial, but get past the image and they’re actually rather complicated."



Dressing to…


Underworld – Born Slippy

"I don’t want to go out – I’d love to stay indoors all the time. As something workmanlike to get me out of the door, this makes be feel E’d up – on clothes."



Strolling to…


Michael Nyman – The Draughtsman’s Contract

"This keeps one pacing along. He’s very pulsing and vibrating. I saw him at the Edinburgh festival and I gave him my LP and said, ‘Please don’t sue.’"



Taking tea to…


Ravel – Pavenne For A Dead Princess

"While having my Earl Grey and a water biscuit with peanut butter and Branston on it, I’d listen to this and cry into my tea."



Meeting a lover to…


Roxy Music – Do The Strand

"I’d meet her at a betting shop and we’d hear this early glam song. We wouldn’t go in though – think of the people you’d meet."



Having dinner to…


John Barry – Film Scores

"It would have to be Midnight Cowboy – the song goes round and round and gets lost up its own arse."



Seduction sounds…


John Coltrane and Don Cherry – The Avant Garde

"This is very much the thing. Basic quartet jazz, with a rather odd edge – just like me – to confuse this person just enough to get them off their guard."



Sleeping to…


Blur – Beetlebum

"I can’t normally sleep when music’s on, because I listen too intensely. But I’ll make an exception for Blur."

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