NME, February 7, 1998

Neil on the NME Awards:

"Obviously, Iím not going to be worried by any possibility of an award or anything. In a way thatís a relief. In another way I wish I was getting them all.

"This actually terrifies me because everywhere I look I know somebody but I donít remember their names.

"I think everyoneís got to the bit they really came for, which is the schmoozing, which is the bit I really hate. I think everyoneís too cool to say anything when they get an award, like thank you, and everybody in the audience is too cool to clap when they do get an award. The verve couldnít even be bothered to go up and get their bloody awards. Either you come, and you get the award, and you say cheers, or you donít come. Itís just not polite. They need a damn good hiding.

"I was pleased Oasis didnít win anything, but why the hell didnít NME readers vote for me? I know you havenít got a memory longer than three months, but thatís beside the point. No, hang on, maybe you better not that. Have I annoyed everybody enough there?"

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